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Maury Service Authority



About Us

The mission of the Maury Service Authority (MSA) is to Sustainably Provide Clean Water for the Public Health, the Safety, and the General Welfare of the communities we service.

In 1970 in, the MSA was founded as a regional service authority and a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia formed under the Virginia Water and Waste Authorities Act. The MSA is governed by a five-member board of directors and comprised of three governing bodies: the County of Rockbridge, the City of Lexington, and the City of Buena Vista. The MSA whole sales services of water treatment and wastewater treatment. The MSA only has two wholesale customers: the City of Lexington and the Rockbridge County Public Service Authority (RCPSA). The MSA began the services of water treatment in 1975 and wastewater treatment in 1999. Today, the MSA owns and operates the Maury Service Authority Water Treatment Plant and the Lexington-Rockbridge Regional Water Quality Control Facility.



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