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About Us

McDonough Toyota has been a family owned and operated business since 1975. Our philosophy is all about customer satisfaction. A happy customer is the best advertising money can buy.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. As a result, we put our customers first before everything else. We believe if you are not happy with our service or content with the car you bought, we want to hear about it. Our business is not selling cars, it is finding solutions to the everyday problems that keep most people stuck in a car they do not like. We are on a mission to change the world by helping people get the car they want and deserve. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor in the process.

Our highly trained sales staff has earned a credible reputation with their many years of service and commitment. Our goal is to make sure that each of our customers receives the quality service that we have built our name on. We offer a very extensive inventory available at competitive prices. We are always ready to assist you in your search for a new vehicle. If we don't have the car in stock, you are looking for, we can find your perfect match. However, our support does not end after the initial sale has taken place. We take pride in keeping your car in the same condition in which it rolled off the showroom floor. You do not have to take our word for it; we let our sales, service, and parts speak for themselves.

Our parts & service staffs are always ready to assist you with maintenance and repair.

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